Video Game Data Report #4: April 2021

We experienced boredom due to the continuous strike of covid-19 pandemic, but whatoplay continues to present new and upcoming games that can provide fun and entertainment for everybody.

We, the data team, have provided below a summary of the number of newly-released and newly-added games for April.

New Game Releases

The team records newly released games from 9 platforms. These are PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch,  Android, iOS, and Google Stadia.  For April, we recorded a total of 740 newly-released games.

Last month, Switch had the most number of new releases. In April, Switch continued to dominate the chart. Other platforms gained more games this month as well.

Games Added to the whatoplay Database

This April, we added 1,372 more games. As usual, there is an increase in the number of games added to the database compared to the previous month.

We now have a total of 87,885 games (released and upcoming), and 194,135 critic reviews.

As the data team, we will continue to track games and provide easily-accessible information to gamers and game reviewers.