Resident Evil Village and other amazing May releases | Issue #1

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Some of the best titles released in the last 30 days.

Also available on PS4, XB1, Series X, PS5

Mass Effect Legendary Edition
The first three titles of the iconic  Mass Effect series revamped for the new generation.

Also available on the PS5, Series X, PS4, XB1, and Stadia.

Resident Evil Village
Capcom's pivot towards action pays off in the latest chapter to their survival horror series.

Also available on the PS4, XB1, Switch, PS5, and Series X

Subnautica: Below Zero
Unknown Worlds Entertainment exposes us to freezing temperatures in their coolest entry yet.

Also available on the PS4, Switch, XB1, PS5, and Series X.

Knockout City
Velan Studios’ new game is a knockout in itself, turning dodgeball into the next multiplayer sensation.

Also available on the Switch, and PC.

Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster
Atlus’ cult-classic RPG gets a new chance in the spotlight, 17 years after its first release.


What to expect in stores this month.

PC, PS4, PS5, Series X, XB1

Chivalry 2
The sequel to Torn Banner Studios' epic medieval battler brings the series up to speed with modern-day features.


Final Fantasy VII - Intergrade
A visual upgrade for the PS5 that promises to deliver a spectacle of delights, and a special chapter starring Yuffie.


Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
Fan or not, the dynamic duo goes full futuristic in this latest entry that showcases the PS5's capabilities.


Mario Golf: Super Rush
Take a swing in this entry for the Switch, now with motion controls and a story mode.

PS4, PS5, PC

Guilty Gear - STRIVE -
The critically acclaimed fighting game returns with stunning new character animations.

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